Connect Photon 2 to digital sthethoscope

Hi everyone,

Recently I was trying to do a college project. During this project, we are trying to connect Photon 2 with a commercialized digital stethoscope (3M Littmann), so that the Photon 2 can receive the acoustic data and we can play with the data with some AI analysis.
Now the question is, after I scanned the device, there are two services and too many characteristics which I don't know what they represents for. I only need to get the measured acoustic data and don't need others. I also used the LightBlue app, but I still cannot know which service/characteristic represents what.
Is there any methods/solutions?

Any opinions and suggests are appreciated,

This is the Littmann 3000? I don't believe they transmit the data in the open.
(I have one on my desk - my father is a paediatrician)

No, it is The 3M™ Littmann® CORE Digital Stethoscope (
This one do send data through bluetooth and it even has phone app with it which connects through bluetooth.

Funny story… I have that one too.
Audio quality is sub-par compared to the 3000 unfortunately. (But the 3000 did not stream data)

I believe the data from the CORE is encrypted, but I would encourage you to reach out to Littmann to see if it can be grabbed.

There is a pairing process that needs the secret from the device afaik.

Thanks for the advice, I already reached out to them and hope I can get some response. The signal quality is not the highest priority but to design a system which can cooperate with stethoscope and "analyze" the patient's sound (heart beat for example). We just need to somehow get the data.
Thanks for this advice.

This is the EKO Core, right? Since they provide some processing of the heartbeats, I don’t know how keen they will be to share the access

It does however have an analog output to the headpiece that should be much easier to tap into.

(This subject is near and dear to me - I worked on a digital stethoscope project a few years back. It was a precursor, complete with ECG, to the CORE. Sadly we never got any traction and the folks at Littmann/EKO beat us to the market)

Yes it is the EKO CORE. By analog output you mean the USB cable? (I only see the USB cable as possible analog output, if you mean another, could you please took a picture?)
IDK how to read data from USB cable, but this could worth a try. Do you happen to know how to read out the data from the "analog output"?
(too sad your previous project could not work out, I hope the tech your group built later contribute to the success of particle.)

Ah, my mistake.

The CORE was made with Littmann, it’s quality is sub par and their audio processing is rubbish. It only has BLE for data streaming, but as pairing is involved, it’s encrypted.

My father has both the CORE and the newer CORE 500 which has the analog output I mentioned.
It’ audio processing is far superior to the CORE and it features ECG as well.

The project was canned, so nothing happened with all the work. If funding was available we might have gone to market.

Good to know this. I don't have CORE 500 so that I cannot test it. I emailed both EKO and 3M, hope I got reply.
By any chance could you please help me test if CORE 500 can transfer data to Photon 2 through either BLE or analog pin or other ways such as I2C/UART/SPI? We need something like data streaming or recording. If CORE 500 can do this we probably shift to this new device for our project. Please do not bother testing it if you are fully occupied and don't have time for it.
Much appreciate all the help.

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