Code from Arduino ported to Particle Board?

So I have some code that I’ve written on a Arduino setup. It’s a water flow sensor that reports flow rate of water. I’m now trying to move the code over to the Particle board, but I can’t find the documentation to actually run the program on the board. I’m not a super tech savvy person, and I think most of the documentation has been written for software engineers.

I have the code, copied into the IDE and copied the bin file to the board. Is that it? Do I have to do something else? How do i run the code and see the input from the water sensor?

I haven’t even gotten to the part of figuring out what pins to connect the sensor, but I just want to get past step 1 first. :slight_smile:


The code should start running on its own, just like it does on an Arduino (setup() and loop() at least). Of course, you’re not going to see much if you haven’t connected the sensor yet. What you see, also depends on your code, which you should post so we can advise you better.

I’m not sure what you mean by “copied the bin file to the board” – if you mean you copied a bin file you created on the Arduino IDE, then that’s wrong. Once you have the code, and it compiles, you hit the flash button in the IDE, a bin file is created and that is flashed to the board.