Cloud-less local spark server

This is my first post here. Given that I have been using Cores and Photons for over a year now, it seems pretty late. Anyhow, I was looking for a way to integrate Photons within my local network without making use of the cloud (or local cloud) due to resource considerations.

What came out is a little Perl library which can directly communicate to the Photons and can be used to set up a spark-server. The low-level stuff s.a. CoAP and the spark protocol are mostly implemented and remote procedure calls, variables and events are working just fine. I did not need any over-the-air firmware upgrades, so this is not implemented.

The system based on this library has been running for more than half a year now - even though some parts of the protocol are still missing, it seems stable enough.

Should you be interested, please have a look here: