Cloud Flash failing, 504 Gateway Time-Out

Hi all,

We’re trying to cloud flash a Boron 3G, and it’s failing consistently on a Gateway Time-Out. The vitals on our device page are giving us ‘Good’ cell signal, and a round-trip time of 2624 ms, which does seem a bit high, but the Vitals section says it’s in a healthy range… Our code is running Particle.process() approximately every 60 ms on Manual mode. Our code to flash is getting on the larger side, and I’m wondering if that’s perhaps the issue. We’re at 67148 text, 236 data, 10900 bss, is that perhaps large enough that it’s taking too long? We’re not even seeing ‘Started’ in the Device events. This unit is part of a product, not sure if that makes a difference… Any thoughts?