Cloud dependency

I wanted to understand the dependency of the spark to the cloud.
If the cloud for some reason is not reachable, does that mean that the unit will not work? In short, I am tryin to understand if all commands for the unit go through the cloud.

Currently there is a dependency because the user code doesn’t run until the Core is connected to the Cloud. This is something that will be fixed within the next two weeks; at that point, your code will run regardless of the connection with the cloud


Please see if the latest commit to master helps. Read the associated git-hub comments for more info:

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Until yesterday night I was relatively happy with my Spark Core.
Sure the documentation can be improved (ex.: the bitwise operations examples use B11111111 for binary but the compiler doesn’t understand the format), yes once in a while compiling takes for ever while OTA upgrade always takes for ever but I have organized myself around that and for the time being I’m only writing small test programs anyway.
What happened around 2 am last night is that my FAI did a maintenance upgrade of the internet box. And the core stopped running my application !
Since then I have read several forum contributions and I understand what happened : no Cloud, no core. Why didn’t I think of that before ? Probably because it’s unthinkable : it’s like my car stopping dead on the road because the GPS signal has disappeared.
Happy, three times happy, those who live where FAIs do not update their systems, where power outages are unknown, where the snow does not bring down telephone lines once in a while, where internet is for ever : as for me I only live on Earth, therefore I sincerely regret that this “minor” limitation was never mentioned in the early documentation (or did I miss something ?).
Yes, I understand that this is going to be solved, and that’sfine. I’ll monitor what’s happening here hoping for a quick resolution, because the Spark Core, when it is finalized, is definitely what I need. Meanwhile Arduino + Xbee is perfect enough for my needs.

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Is there a place to track these developement goals and when they get completed ?

when to expect offline code run?

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