CLI stuck adding dependecies

I am trying to get some our production run in China to get flashed via CLI. I had them use and install the windows installer.

But they are running into the below:

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?

wow… definitely never seen that before.

Might want to do a particle --version and see what’s installed.

Can’t read chinese, but for the mode command shouldn’t it be

mode COM52 14400


mode COM52 BAUD=14400

The setting is “mode COM52 BAUD=14400” and this is putting the P1 into DFU mode.

I know what it does and both my versions do work just fine, but what I see looking at the lowres screenshot is BAUD-14400 which just confused me :confused:

Ah I can see that now, how it looks like - and not =

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@scruffR below is another screen shot. i had them try just running “particle” in the cmd prompt. This is what they sent me.

It looks like maybe node js didnt install correctly?

Do you have any thougths or who might? Right now production is being held up do to this.


Have them run

node --version
npm --version

to see what they’ve got installed

I wonder if this was installed -->