CLI starts from eclipse on windows 7

Hi Guys,

i am fresher to the Spark.

I am going to run the local cloud and cli from eclipse(nodeclipse) on windows 7.(32bit)

Now the local cloud is working fine, but the cli got fatal error on eclipse console:

Spark-CLI: Unknown command: “–tea-pot-mode”

BTW, i have installed miscrosoft virtual c++ 2010 express. and OpenSSL on the properly directory(C:\OpenSSL-Win32).

Also , does the DFU-Driver need to install ? i am not going to use USB, so the DFU is not mandatory,right ?


What is this about? It’s going to better for you to post the full command that you are entering so we can see what’s going on.

Also, what is nodeclipse? I have never used it before so how will you use it to run the Spark-cli? :wink:

DFU-util is optional if you are not intending to do anything via USB.

Hi @kennethlimcp thanks your reply, Nodeclipse is a Node IDE from eclipse which can debug, hightlight the code etc, for i am establishing the local cloud dev env. So , the web IDE you all provided will not be used right ? could you give me some suggestion for that ?

below is the method for starting the Spark-Cli.

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Tea pot Mode dispear after my upgrating the nodeclipse, The following message come out on the eclipse console without error. BUT, the runing thread of node has been killed by some reason, spark - command could not be entered to the eclipse console now …

Welcome to the Spark Command line utility!
Usage: spark <command_name>
Common Commands:
setup, list, call, get, core, identify, flash, subscribe
compile, monitor, login, logout, help
Less Common Commands:
cloud, config, function, keys, serial, udp, variable
For more information Run: spark help <command_name>

@kennethlimcp, which Git branch i should use ? i used ‘master’, and i tried to start by command line method ,also the same problem , the nodejs runing thread has been stopped without errors.

@dave wrote the entire Spark-cli tool and would be best to tackle this issue.

I’m a totally clueless Node.js user. :smiley:

Hi @yuanetking,

Looks like you’re running the CLI from source inside a debugger. Make sure your IDE knows to separate the arguments to the Node.js runtime, from the arguments provided to the CLI, usually there are separate fields for these.