CLI - Can't connect to unsecured network

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to connect my P1 to an unsecured Wi-Fi network, and having some issues with the CLI. When I try to have the CLI auto detect the security type, it correctly identifies unsecured but then gives me the error: Error configuring Wi-Fi: Serial timed out

If I try to manually enter the security type, I still get an error but it reads: Error in particle-cli: is not a function.

Has anyone seen this error before? Any ideas on how to get my P1 connected? I’m using CLI version 1.34.0, and system firmware 0.7.0.


While this may be worth filing a GitHub issue for (at you should be able to work around this by putting the device in Listening Mode, connect to the device via a serial terminal program, send the letter w and then enter the credentials manually.


Thanks @ScruffR. I’ll file a GitHub issue.

I was also able to get around it by downgrading the system firmware to 0.6.3.