Chrome OS serial port

Does someone know how to serial connect my core via USB on Chrome OS? Crosh is available but I don’t know how to set things up :frowning:


I guess you need to find a Serial Terminal which runs on Chrome OS?

hi kennethlimpcp,
My understanding is that “Crosh” is the tool to use but I don’t know how. See below for a copy and paste from the terminal screen when I type help from SSH

I am familiar with tera term on my windows machine which I can use

crosh> ssh
ssh> help
connect - connect
dynamic-forward port - dynamic socks proxy (-D)
forward port:host:port - static port forward (-L)
help - this
host - remote hostname
key - sets private key to use (-i)
nocmd - don’t execute command (-N)
port - port on remote host (-p)
server-alive-interval - set ServerAliveInterval option
exit - exit ssh subsystem
user - username on remote host
Note that this program can only bind local ports in the range
8000-8999, inclusive.

I have never tried Chrome OS and will not be the best person to comment.

Let’s see what the others have to say :wink:

ok, thanks kennethlimpcp!

Have you seen this chrome extension Serial Monitor.

I haven’t tested it, but it uses the google browser serial apis, which allow direct connection to serial devices.

Must I set things up like I do in Windows using tera term or do I simply connect?

I don’t have Chrome OS, but if you launch the app, you should be able to select the correct port and click connect. Then it will show you the log and allow you to send commands.

K, thanks
I will have a look later!