Choosing STM32 controller for peripheral device communicating over CAN network

I am building a peripheral device to use with my Electron that is basically a power distribution PCB (relays, energy metering ICs, etc) that is scalable (i.e. I can add an arbitrary number of these peripheral devices to my project).

The board with the Electron on it I am calling the “control module”, and the peripheral board the “power distribution module”. The control module will communicate with the power distribution module(s) over a CAN network.

I have been reading through documentation on the CAN protocol and looking through various datasheets and community forums regarding CAN implementation on STM32 microcontrollers. We have tentatively chosen the STM32F091CC which has a hardware CAN module.

I am now scared that we chose the wrong microcontroller, since I am having an extremely hard time finding CAN libraries that are written for STM32F0 series microcontrollers. There appears to be plenty of CAN library stuff out there for STM32F1 and STM32F2 series, however I don’t see much for STM32F0 series.

Having never delved much into the world of microcontroller HAL programming, I am wondering if I should stop the presses and change our selected MCU to a STM32F1 or F2 series.

As a side-query; is the CAN software for the Electron based on an open-source CAN library somewhere? If so, does that library support STM32F0 series controllers?