Checking Boron (bsom) cell connectivity without activating device SIM?

Hi all,

We are planning to use bsom in custom boards and as a final step of manufacturing process would like to test hardware including cellular signal. Is it possible to do so prior to activating product SIM ?

Thanks in advance,

No for the B402 B series SoM, or any LTE Cat M1 device.

It is possible on 2G/3G devices.

Your test firmware would need to use SYSTEM_MODE(MANUAL) to avoid connecting to cellular or the cloud. You could then manually turn on the modem and do a AT+COPS=5 to scan nearby towers, which would indicate that the modem and antenna assembly works.

Unfortunately the u-blox SARA-R410M-02B does not support that command, so the only way is to actually connect to tower, which would require an active SIM.