Changeable lists in html

My project uses a HTML WEB page to send text to a photon to give voice to a teddy bear. An EMIC2 board changes the text to audio. I have built on krvarma’s helpful code.
My intent is to have a radio button list of stock phrases, questions etc. to send as well the type in the text box. Is there a way to populate the list from an external file that would be chosen at startup so there might be a range of subjects like birthday, sports, Christmas etc. ? I am a novice at HTML so appreciate any advice you might have.

Not entirely sure why you’d want it to be external, could you elaborate on that?
Otherwise, you could just put all the sentences into the javascript, and have it pick certain ones based on the date.

Thanks for your interest. Using the talking teddy with different groups and at differing times, I feel it would be more convenient to type a comma separated list when needed rather than having to go back into the HTML code. The lists would change and evolve depending on the listeners. There could be twenty or so items in each list. I would hope to make the selection and editing of the lists user-friendly, which HTML is not.

I see no reason why Javascript couldn’t be used for that. It can dynamically create those lists (on start), and populating them should be doable using a simple array.
You could set up multiple arrays for different themes, and select one based on date.
Unless I’m very mistaken, you could have a JS file specially for the phrases, but you might as well include it in the main file.

Thank you. Your encouragement that it would seem to be possible, gives impetus to finding out how to do it.