Change more millis values from int to long

I suddenly recieve an error when building my software.
I saw a change has been made in the core-communication-lib, this might be the reason.

…/src/spark_utilities.cpp: In function ‘void Spark_Protocol_Init()’:
…/src/spark_utilities.cpp:458:22: error: invalid conversion from ‘unsigned int ()()’ to 'long unsigned int ()()’ [-fpermissive]
callbacks.millis = millis;
make: *** [obj/src/spark_utilities.o] Error 1

Can you please check if this change is the reason for the fault.

EDIT: Is it possible to base line the core-communication-lib and core-common-lib in the same way as you have done for the core-firmware. So we can developed against a stable release while you can continue your development on the latest.


Hi @nika8991,

Definitely, the other firmware repos also use a stable branch ‘compile-server2’ that we use on the build site. :slight_smile: