Change Email Address on IDE

I want to keep those old particle iCloud source code. How do you do change Email on Particle IDE account?

Submit a support request to with the address you want to change from and to. An additional verification step may be required.

The account email change process takes a few days, but you can continue to use your account during the transition.

When complete, everything in your old account will be visible when you log in with your new account email. This includes:

Basically, everywhere where the old email address was used will be swapped for the new address. Devices publishing and webhooks should continue to run both before and after the transition, as your account identifier stays the same, it’s just the email address that changes.

It’s important that you do not create a new Particle account with the email you are changing to. It’s not possible to merge accounts, so if there’s an account already existing we cannot change your account email to that address.

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