CC3000 DHCP Failing after changing AP SOLVED

I have been battling a weird DNS problem on the Adafruit CC3000 for a week or so … DHCP fails after changing to another AP (CC3000 ignores the new AP DNS server settings). I found a work-around so I thought I`d post here since it may manifest itself with the AWESOME Spark core at some point …


After reading through those threads, am I understanding the issue is after you set a static IP, you need to ‘clear the static IP mode’ and then reset into ‘DHCP mode’ on the cc3000?

That’s true but my CC3000 v1.19 while in DHCP mode gets in a weird state where it ignores the new AP’s DNS in favour of the old one (a bug of some sort) … DHCP works fine but if the new AP has a different DNS then a DNS lookup fails to resolve. Some sort of weird edge case no doubt.