Carbon Library Published

I (finally) wrapped up a library for pushing stats to a Carbon/Graphite server using the Spark TCPClient. Source code is available on GitHub. It is published in the web IDE libraries as CarbonLibrary.


@wgbartley, can Graphite run on a Raspberry Pi?

It can! It’s a fairly involved process to get it all set up. I have built a Docker setup that will do everything to get it running, but all my RPi’s are unplugged at work to test it without Docker.

If you want to take a run at it, my Docker build stuff is in my docker-graphite-carbon GitHub repo. It’s translatable to just a set of shell scripts if you find yourself incredibly bored and desperate this weekend.



How’s the reliability so far? There’s been an ongoing TCP debate and knowing how your performance has been is great!

I’ll find time to set this up :smile:

@wgbartley, I have to admit that linux is not my forte so your github stuff does not mean much to me :frowning:

I first need to figure out how to install docker then how to install your docker of the graphite stuff.


not sure if docker in Rpi is possible since a 64bit system is required for now to run Docker. :wink:

Doing it by hand is possible like what @wgbartley said but slightly tedious :smiley:

@kennethlimcp, my understanding from what I can find so far is using Arch linux on the Rpi allows you to install docker. I just wish there were some clear instructions. I just means more time for me to figure it all out. :smile:

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Docker is definitely possible on the RPi. I have it compiled for my 32-bit armhf Odroid U3. It’s a different CPU than the RPi, but it’s still 32-bit. I found my 3rd RPi yesterday at home yesterday (the other two are at work), so I’m working on compiling a binary for limited distribution (and even more limited support). :wink:

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I’ve been trying to compile Docker for the RPi and haven’t had any luck at all. Since the ARM processor in the RPi is one generation behind everything else, a lot of the packages available for my Odroid U3 aren’t available for RPi. This makes compiling a thorough pain. It even requires a kernel recompile. I’m going to try just the regular old install instructions in a chroot’ed environment to make sure they work (and can be thrown away without affecting the host OS if they don’t). Stay tuned for updates!


I have a very alpha set of scripts working that basically do the Carbon+Graphite setup for you on a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian (based on Debian Wheezy 7.6). It might even work on other Debian-based operating systems on non-RPi computers. I haven’t done the proper end-to-end runthrough to make sure it all checks out, but I do have it working in an LXC container on my RPi. If you’re feeling gutsy, you can run it yourself, but I’d recommend waiting until I run through it from start to finish with no edits. I’ll also set up a GitHub repo with scripts to build your own LXC environment for the RPi so that you don’t muck up your “base” system with everything required to get Graphite running.

In the interim, the GitHub repo for my install scripts is here →

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I haven’t forgotten about this. My entire family has been in a cycle of sickness since 11/1. Last night, my youngest went to the ER with a fever of 105.2°F. My mental bandwidth has been quite limited in the past several days! I should definitely have something posted by Thanksgiving (that’s 11/27 for you non-US folks).