Can't use scrollbars in Guide

I cannot scroll down. Only left and right to get to the next index. The only way to view the documents is to click Edit. Then it is hard to read. What am I doing wrong?


Rarely hear of this issue. Which OS and what browser are you on?

Chrome 48.0.2564.116 Windows 7. I must be an idiot if it’s working for you.

Not sure what’s wrong with your setup…

I cannot drag the scroll bar on the right, or it goes to the next index.
But I can use arrows! That’s good enough for me thanks.

Interesting, I see the same thing :scream: Guess that has to be looked at then :smile:

The ‘arrow’ <div> is overlapping the scrollbar for some reason. Changing the z-index should work :smile:

Just to close the loop, we sent in a fix (hopefully a right one). Scrolling using the bar works now :slight_smile:


Seems to be working for me :smile:!

This group is amazing thanks! Works now.

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