Can't save changes to webhook, adapter operation was aborted

I can create a webhook just fine, but for some reason I keep getting them into a state where I can no longer save changes to them, and every time I hit the save button I get the message Bummer! The adapter operation was aborted. Once it gets into that state I can never seem to save it again - I’ve tried logging out and back in, using Firefox and Chrome, and I’ve let it sit overnight to think about what its done… Seems like the only thing to do is delete it and start over.

It’s happened to me twice now, and I suspect it may be because both times I tried to save a change while some firmware was actively hitting that webhook. I tried making one that no firmware was subscribed to and I can save changes to it just fine. So potential repro there.

Anyone else run into this?

Scratch that theory - I’ve got a webhook that just started doing it and nothing was subscribed…