Cant register my spark id - a week of emails to customer service [Responded]

Hey all. I’ve let friends use my Spark a couple times so we probably forgot to disassociate it last time… For my help marketing Spark, Ive been unable to communicate with it for over a week… I’ve been emailing and got the ‘large volume of support requests’ message…

Anyone have experience getting a response?

Hey @jjrosent what’s the issue you are facing?

I’m sorry there must have been some issue with the email or they would have replied!

@teke @dave @steph

Hi @jjrosent

I am sure the @Teke or @Dave will get back to you. There has been a huge uptake on the Spark core and a lot of the Spark was traveling last week, so I am sure they will help you soon.

You might be able to help yourself: using the web Build page or the Spark CLI your friend can unclaim or remove the core from their account.

Hey Guys,

Sorry about the slow response, I’m jumping in on support emails this morning, so I’ll respond to @jjrosent’s email in a few minutes. Thanks for the ping!

edit: responded this morning, updated the title to reflect the status of the thread.


Generally speaking the email support team won’t be able to reassign a core assigned to one email account to another email account. This is an important limitation because it helps enforce the security and ownership over a Core. If your core is already claimed by you or someone else, they’ll need them to remove that core from their account before you’ll be able to claim it. :slight_smile:


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They got me all set. Happy to be able to play in Tinker and Build again