Can't reclaim Photon with new WiFi credentials

I changed my WiFi settings and would now like to change the credentials for my photons.

I tried using the android app. Obviously it showed that the photons are not connected. I put one into listening mode by pressing setup till it pulsed blue (about 3s) and tried the find device on the app - I couln’d find the device. I also tried unclaiming it from the app, but it still couldn’t be found. I furthermore tried to whipe to old settings by pressing setup for about 10s (fast flash prior to getting to slow flashing blue light). And entering over safe mode (setup + reset - till magenta followed by releasing reset).

Any help how I can find my photons again would be appreciated.

Unclaiming for setting new credentials should never be required.
You could use CLI or a serial terminal to set the new credentials.

Can you see the Photon’s SSID (on your Phone or other WiFi device) while it’s in Listening Mode?