Can you bring Spark Core/Particle/Redbear to Airport?

Gonna go NY… :cry: Maybe for new job, apartment, etc.
Anyone had experience bring pi, Arduino, etc to airport.

Should I leave Spark Core behind ?

I brought a bag full of electronics in the plane, in storage as well as carry-on luggage. Bunch of Particle stuff in there. They opened my suitcase, but haven’t had any real issues with it.

I’ve brought my trusty electronics kit with me in my checked luggage while flying before. I even had a lithuim ion battery and everything was fine.

Yeah, same here, I’ve flown with tons and tons of cores / photons / electrons / boxes full of tools and circuit equipment, etc, etc. I think the important thing is to be organized, and polite, and don’t bring anything you think could be dangerous. For example, don’t bring huge piles of lithium polymer batteries (those are restricted), etc, etc.

I brought an Arduino uno through airport in Cairo… they confiscated it! :frowning: