Can I share my dashboard

So I’m been playing around with Particle photon. Now I want to show off to my friends :smile:
I made a simple temperature, humidity and light sensors.
When I go to the university, can I use their WiFi to see the output in the dashboard of a photon that’s connected to my home’s WiFi?

Is there any way to connect to particle photon from a WiFi network other than the one the photon is operating on?

Yeah the Photon is connected to the internet so that means you can see the data from anywhere in the world as long as you can connect to the particle dashboard

just to clarify your home WIFI has to be connected to the internet, but if it wasn’t your device wouldn’t be working soo yeah just wanted you to know that.

Also you can even receive the that on your phone if your connected to a 3g/4g network.

Not quite that drastic. Particle devices can work completely unconnected, but then it would be only half the joy.


What exactly do you mean with dashboard here? This term is used for so many different things that you should clarify that a bit.
But generally speaking it’s most likely possible :wink:

Hey @ScruffR I know that you can make the photon work without wifi, but by default if it can’t connect to wifi it will not run user code. You would have to add the SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED);


or use the local Particle cloud server
or …

None of which the OP has explicitly excluded in his initial question - and I’m (as noone else should) not going to fill in the gaps with assumptions and base my answer on them as if they were facts.
I’d usually rather ask questions to let the person who knows fill in the gaps.

Thanks guys.
So I can connect to my dashboard from other Wifi’s … Good
Now is there a more public way to do this.

This requires logging in using my email and my password.
Is there another way to give people access to my sensor readings with my permission but without my email and password?

I understad I was just trying to help, but I get where your coming from I guess your right maybe I assumed he was using the default setup. It’s always better to ask :smile:


ok so you wan’t to have a website where your friend can go and see your photon data?

Yeah why not … (Even though I hate creating websites :). Also hosting a website can be a bit of hassle).

Yeah I know what you mean :joy:

There are multiple providers and I don’t want to favour any, but I’m currently playing with ubidots and they offer a public link to your dashboard for viewing only.


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That’s what I was looking for :grinning:

I’ve been checking their website for a while now. That is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks ScruffR :smile:

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