Can I "save as"?

I have the basic code that I use for more than one devices. I’d like to be able to save the modified code for each device under a different name. like “save as”. The reason for this is I have large number of include files which don’t copy for a simple copy and paste of just the .ino file. Is there a function like “save as” to do this?

You could use the SHARE THIS REVISION button.

Doesn’t that make it public? My .ino contains a lot of stuff that’s not public, like phone numbers.

As long as you don’t share it, it won’t be public. Just create that link, and then use it yourself to create duplicates :slight_smile:

Thanks, I created the links. Still a little uneasy when it says “share” but I think I understand. Your saying the link isn’t public till I send the token to someone? If I’m understanding this correctly, it does do what I wanted.