Can I change the device once a product has been created?

Hi -

I mistakenly chose Photon for a new product I created in Web Console. Is it possible to change the device to another device e.g. B524?

If not, my next question would be wether I can move integrations created under this ‘wrongly created’ product to a new product before then deleting the ‘wrong product’ ? Or do I need do delete all and redo? :slight_smile:

I need to start setting up devices under an actual product so I can queue firmware updates as these devices are mostly sleeping and only connect to the cloud when certain criteria is met. They need to go into test sites and I would like to have the option to perform OTA’s if possible.


There is no way to change the product type of a product once it’s created.

There also isn’t a good way to move an integration between products. The best way is to view it as a custom JSON and copy and paste it.

There is a tool to copy integrations but only from sandbox to product, not from product to product, so that won’t help in your case.

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Hi -

Thanks. I guess best would be to delete and recreate. I can do this tomorrow as one device is in the field undergoing testing, so I would not want to mess with the integration now. Not a big deal, just OCD nagging me to do some cleanup in the meantime :grin:

Regards, Friedl.

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