Can an Arduino with an ethernet shield subscribe to published events?


I’ve got an Electron that is publishing events with data. This lets me get wind data to the internet with much lower bandwidth than forming the HTTP GET request and submitting it from the Electron. The idea is to then use a Photon, an Arduino, or a regular computer where I have wifi access to subscribe to those events, form the HTTP GET request, and submit them on wifi where bandwidth is not an issue.

I don’t know how to make a regular computer subscribe to a particle “publish()” event. Would love to take that approach if I could figure out how to do a particle.subscribe() from C/C++.

Alternatively I could do that with a Photon, but I happen to have an Arduino with an ethernet shield at hand. So I’m wondering whether the Arduino is compatible with the Photon? Can I somehow load a sketch on the Arduino that does a particle.subscribe()?




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