C source files not picked up during library import [SOLVED]

I try to get the temboo library to work in the cloud IDE. However, I noticed that .c code is not picked up from the git repository and properly imported into the Cloud IDE. Do I miss something?

My git repository is available here: https://github.com/bentuino/temboo.git

I missed the following file: firmware/TembooGlobal.c

Is this a known limitation and is there a workaround to import c-source files. My code compiles correctly under a local cli compile.

I don’t think it should be trying to pull in any files from temboo-arduino-library-1.2 at the moment, since it doesn’t know about that directory. The library importer only knows to look in the firmware directory for your spark library files. I don’t see the .c file there though. @jgoggins might be able to help shed light on how you might be able to add files through the spark.json file in the future, but do you really want to add the files from the arduino library area you have in your repo?

Ok, I was pointing to a wrong directory that is used for local compile. You are right that the firmware folder contains all the files for the cloud library. I was able to fix the problem by changing the file suffix from .c to .cpp. Everything work now. Pretty cool.

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Ahh, I was looking at your files after you made that change… so I didn’t see the .c file when doing a quick scan. Glad you got it sorted out. .c files should probably be supported though.

You are right .c should be picked up as part or the import or at least a warning should be given. Anyway not a major issue as the file renaming does the trick.

Hey @kkaiser , thanks for porting and publishing the library!

Agreed. Added to the backlog. Will ping this thread when it’s added.

Yep. In the backlog. It’s currently spec’ed so that you’ll be able to override the firmware, test, and examples folder location via the spark.json.

This is still an issue. Any idea when it will be resolved? Thanks for the workaround though.