Bypass photon without internet

i need to make a light house can on/off by photon, but what can i do if a photon fail or if dont have internet? how can i bypass the photon for turn on/off a light?

Are you asking if it is still possible to control the light remotely if the Photon is not online?

You could use buttons.

If its still connected to your wifi router but no internet access, you can use local tcp/udp sockets to control it.

Either host a simple website on the photon or listen for a select range of commands.

If you want to bypass the photon entirely, consider a two-way switch:

One switch is the photon, the other is a physical switch. It’s also called “staircase switch”, since that’s how those work, allowing you to toggle things in two places :smile:

Hi, do you have any example of this?

thanks, this is a good solution, but what happend if the switch controlled by photon it’s in off state, and the “manual” switch it’s “ON”, the light will be “on” no? how can i detect that the light is on or off?

It all depends on what your intentions are, do you intend to use the photon without wifi/internet, or would you rather bypass it entirely? That’ll make a difference.

supouse this, i have a photon connected to internet always, but if i install the manual switch for bypass on any moment without internet, when the internet return if the the manual switch have “on” state, how can i detect the status of the light?

base on the state of the light or manual button can i change the operation of the relay

You need to give us the complete picture, not just a few special cases.

e.g. when you assume your Photon is running, but your internet connection is gone, then the Photon will know that and can switch the relay ON anyway and as soon the connection comes back inform you of the current state, or revert to the previous state or whatever you want but haven’t elaborated.
If you need an override that works in case the Photon is gone completetely you will need some manual interaction, by which time you should be able to see the current state by looking at the light.

What exactly do you want - with all the standard and special cases?

BTW, in @Moors7 pic there is no ON-state for any give switch as such. Only the combination of both will be ON (both switches “UP” or “DOWN”) or OFF (one “UP” the other “DOWN”).
So whenever you toggle one switch, you will toggle the state of the light and to know the current state you may need a way to “measure” that.

In addition to that, what kind of lights are you using, LEDs, normal bulbs, and more importantly, what voltages?
A light sensor is also a very cheap addition…

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if the photon is running with internet controlling relay for a 110v normal bulb or 110v LED, i will control over internet that relay for turn on/off the light, but if the internet is gone, the last state of the relay will be on or off, i need to still turning on/off the light with or without internet, or in case the Photon is gone completely, when the Photon comes back, i need to know what is current state of the light and may be revert the working state of the relay.

if you have a smart house than you control all your light remotely via internet, but what happen if you are in your house? you will not user every time your smartphone for turn on/off your garden light no?
may be you want to use your normal switches, but keeping the status the light via internet.

so if i turn on my light manually, how can the photon will know that if previously its state was off via software

Either by sensing the current on the mains or via a light sensor.

You can either do as Moors7 already said and/or add some low-voltage switches to tell the Photon to toggle the switch.
Or you could use another Photon or an RF or IR remote control to tell the Photon in control of the lights what to do.
There are loads of options.

ok, i will try some options. thank u very much :grinning: