BUILD Feature Requests

Here is my Christmas list for Build:

  1. Ability to fork/clone my own work. It is frustrating managing (or not) code on Build.
  2. Ability to print my code.
  3. Integration with github.

Fully agreeing with the fact that the Web IDE deserves a (major) overhaul, have you considered using Particle Dev? It’s based on atom and should allow you to do a lot more customization, as well as the things you’ve mentioned here. Might be worthwhile looking into :smile:

@Moors7: I have not spent the time to learn that yet. Mainly because I started in build and there is not a way to open build code in dev (at least as far as I know). Plus – you still cannot print in dev (afaik).

In dev you have the files locally, so you can open them with any program to print like programmers notepad.