Bug sending out activation emails - we're on it!

Hey guys - sorry if you’ve tried to create an account in the last hour, our Sidekiq process for handling outgoing emails went down. We’re working on it now, should have it fixed in a jiffy.


Looks like it’s fixed. Awesome!

Got mine, lets roll!

Yes indeed, queued up emails are all sent. Sidekiq’s running again, though there’s probably an underlying bug in discourse still there.

There are some log warnings about database connection pool size and we have some memory to spare, so I’ll (1) bump that up a little, (2) upgrade to the latest passing build of discourse, and (3) restart the app tonight after the traffic slows down.

I think that means @zach needs to design a cute “down for maintenance” page… :wink:


Haha, aaaaand I just got an email from Amazon about hitting email sending limits on the EC2 instance. I’ll request an exception, but this may have been (and may temporarily continue to be) our underlying problem.