Bug report in Eagle and Gerber files of the Photon board


I have realized that the schematics and PCB board files of the Photon board are inconsistent in the following terms:

  • In the first schematics sheet you have defined a DC-DC circuit with an output labeled as “+3V3” while in the second sheet of the schematic you do not have any reference to this output from the first sheet, that is, both sheet power references are not connected together.

  • In the second sheet there are 4 power input references called VDDIO_WIFI, VDD_WIFI, VDD_3V3 and VBAT which are not connected to any power reference in the first schematic sheet (i.e. +3V3)… Even there is no any comment in the documentation about the voltage levels of these power input references, 3V3, 1V8, or other.

Please, fix or clarify these issues as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance.

While the forum is a great place for asking questions, voicing comments, and sharing projects comments like this, “bug reports” are literally what GitHub “issues” are for. When you run into “bug” like this fill out an issue here (https://github.com/spark/photon) so the guys and gals working on the photon’s hardware are notified and can respond in their own native environment.

That being said, thanks for the report. I hope I see it soon transferred over to an issue or two