BUG: Photon SoftAP return Internal server error on POST XMLHttpRequest

Everything was working fine in 0.6.0
Then recently I wasnt able to load the device os 0.6.0 anymore. Downgrade would create errors.
So I upgraded to 1.4.4 and now my code that I use to make offline firmware upgrades with the softAP return an error when I make a XMLHttpRequest POST with multipart/from-data with boundary.

I dont even get the request in mypage handler. The photon reply immediately with internal server error code 500.

I really dont know what to do. After 1000 successfully deployed, nothing works anymore and I can’t fix it!

If your code is working properly with 0.6.0, there is really no reason to upgrade. Well, I would probably upgrade to 0.6.3, but there are major changes in the WICED Wi-Fi/IP stack in 0.7.0 and later, so if you are having trouble with a newer version it will probably be easier to stay back on 0.6.x.

What specific error are you getting with 0.6.x? It still should be supported by the cloud compilers.

I can’t load 0.6.0 anymore. When you upgrade to a more recent version, the roll back to 0.6.0 seems to work but the application code is not executed whatever I do or firmware I load (compiled for 0.6.0 of course).

On my last batch of 100 units I ordered, I was able to downgrade around the half to 0.6.0 and everything work fine, but around 60 units wont execute the code and do like the 900 other units before. If I upgrade to 1.4.4 (bootloader, part1 and part2) I’m able to execute my code again but I have bugs in the wifi with the post requests.
If I try to downgrade the modules that were upgraded to 1.4.4, I cant execute 0.6.0 code anymore.