Bricked photons and cores

Hello. I have 3 particles and 2 cores and all of them seem to be bricked…
Core 1 : breathes red when I turn it on
Core 2 : breaths white. When I try to reset it, the core flashes magenta very quickly.
Particle 1: fairly solid white but slight flicker every second. Try to reset and it flashes white very fast, then a slow flag and finally solid white.
Particle 2: light is white and red. The white half seems to flash every second. Try to reset and I get fishing green, then magenta and finally back to the original state.
Particle 3: red for 1 second then it turns off. Nothing.

Are these now fit for the bin or are any salvageable? How would I go about diagnosing further?

What were you doing with the Core before it entered that state?

Perform a factory reset for the Cores -

It’s a Photon by the way and not Particle :wink: