Boron w/Featherwing Connectivity

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I’m using the Boron with ethernet featherwing, with intention of using the ethernet to monitor devices on LAN, but use the LTE connectivity for connecting to the boron. The ethernet is working, in that I get an IP on LAN, however shortly after The cyan flashes rapidly followed by two orange flashes indicating that I have lost internet connection.

Any ideas on what I need to do to keep LTE internet connectivity while using the the ethernet port?


@ParticleD - you’re looking into something similar, is that right?


Yes indeedy. This is what I’ve learned – the TLDR is that it’s not currently possible to do that.

A Boron in an Ethernet FeatherWing will always prefer Ethernet, and switch to cellular if it can’t connect to the cloud by Ethernet. However, it will keep switching back to Ethernet, so there won’t be a reliable connection if the Ethernet is an isolated network. There’s currently no way to force the cloud to always use cellular.