Boron starts erratically after a day off


I have been having trouble starting the boron after a day off (or a weekend). I mean, if I re-power the device after 5 minutes, one hour, 6 hours its fine, but if I try to power it after a day or more it starts erratically:

The device stalls blinking green, but not just that, as I activate some outputs on startup, I note that in this case the outputs are not activated, and after a minute or so, some of them go to ground, independently of what the code says.

If I continue connecting and disconnecting the battery to Li+ and GND, at some point it starts to work again and run as usual.

My question is if I have to do something, maybe connect a capacitor or something, to prevent the Boron to have this erratic behaviour after one day or more of no-use.

I’m powering it with a Lipo battery by the way. I have a latch on-off switch in the ground pin, so when its off, the Boron is not connected to the minus pin of the battery.