Boron on LTE extender

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Will the Boron work with an LTE extender? (cell to internet bridge)


LTE version? I doubt it, but I could be wrong. Boron LTE only works with Cat-M1 or Cat-NB1. I’ve never seen an LTE extender that supported those, but I haven’t been looking either. Do you have one in mind? If so, post a link so we can check it out.


Using a hologram SIM on Verizon


My issue is that I live on the top of a mountain and cell signal is garbage. ATT is non existent and Verizon is 1-2 bars outside if Im lucky. Doing any dev work using cellular is proving difficult. I have this extender inside and it would be nice to use it but so far no luck with standard hologram configs.


I understand your frustration! I have the opposite problem. My pilot site is down in a canyon in rural Texas. AT&T is very weak there. I’ve been lobbying Particle for Verizon support for this very reason. AT&T just doesn’t work for my target customer.

I have never tried it, but you might be able to use a cellular range extender (not internet based), if you can find one that supports M1 or NB1.