Boron Losing Connection Overnight

I’ve got a Boron connected to a load cell amplifier based on the NAU7802. I’m storing the zero offset and scale calibration factor using the EEPROM functions, which seems to be working well. I can calibrate the scale, then power cycle it with a known weight on it, and it reads the same value when it wakes up. I’m not posting any of the data, but I’m making it available as a variable. I’m getting this info both from the Particle Console, and from a website we are working on with GET requests.

When I try to leave the scales on overnight things don’t work so well. I lose the ability to update the variable from the website or the Particle Console. When I look the device up on the Particle Console it shows up as inactive (gray dot, no cyan), but the LED on the Boron seems to indicate that it’s still connected (breathing cyan).

Are you using the manual mode? or Automatic mode?
I would recommend use a watchdog,

Sometimes when an application is turn on for many hours some randoms errors could be happen, or maybe some errors that you didn’t found, of course I recommend you to review the firmware code, I think that something is wrong, but a temporal solution could be a Watchdog.

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