Boron: Cannot enter DFU; solid white

Greetings all,

I am having a problem with my Boron: I have a solid white LED and cannot enter DFU mode. I have researched all of the White LED threads and nothing is working. This is a Boron on .9 build.

Background; I had a failure in burning my Boron OTA, resulting in a solid white LED. Boot sequence; flashing green to flashing blue to solid white. I cannot enter DFU mode at all - no response from my mode/reset buttons. I cannot flash via USB (cannot go into DFU mode).

May I get a suggestion, please?

well if you’re running windows look in device manager and check if it was showing up under com ports by chance and if it is then open a terminal and try this
MODE COMx 14400
x being the port number
if you’re lucky that should put the device in dfu mode.

Can you enter Listening Mode?
If so post the output of particle serial inspect
If you can’t you may need to reflash the SoftDevice and bootloader via JTAG/SWD.