Boron BLE distance calculations

Hi all,

I’m hoping to use the BLE RSSI value to calculate an approximate distance to BLE Borons from a mobile app.

I have found the following calculations:

I really don’t need to be accurate on these calcualtions + or - a couple of meters. Basically I just need the user to be able to tell the difference between a Boron they are within a few meters of vs a Boron that might be 5-10+ meters away from. Has anyone on here used similar calculations?


The Device Nearby example shows how to determine the closest device by comparing the RSSI.

In the real world, you will likely find that the RSSI is practically useless for calculating distance because there are so many factors that affect the signal strength. Having the device on the other side of your body is a common one, but any obstructions including people or furniture, or reflections, make the numbers very inconsistent.

But you can more reliably determine what is most likely a device you are right next to versus the other devices in a room.

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