Boron and Blynk

Hi, there! Is there a way to communicate from Boron to Blynk? I`m trying to create wifi independent remote.

Yes, but blink might use way more data than is necessary. What exactly are you trying to achieve?
(Using the forum search functionality never hurts either)

Two Argon boards with relays installed in two different places. Also buttons on Argons to interact with relays locally. Then Boron with leds and buttons in my car, to control all relays, and displaying status of relays by leds. My stuck point is, i cannot get relay statuses when Boron goes online. I can get only live updates to work.

For that application, I don’t quite see where Blynk comes in. Everything you mention should be doable with the publish/subscribe system.

I cannot get latest published values to be read on Boron at startup. Blynk has


Publishes must be “caught” as they are published. That said, on wake-up of the Boron, you could publish an “update-me” event, to which the Argons can respond with their current status. That way, you don’t need Blynk, and you’re likely to save quite a bit on data.


Thank you for a good suggestion! Much appreciated.