Booting in setup mode

Then the photon ships, it always boots in setup mode. I’m wondering what state that is? Does that happen when it has no wifi credentials? No claim code? We’d like to do some setup to the photons before we ship them to customers in our product, test them with our wifi, update system/application firmware over USB, etc. The only problem is that there is no way to return them to that state where they boot in setup mode. Is there any way to do that? Can we make it forget setup and claim codes? If so, can we do this while keeping the core and application firmware updates? There’s no reset, right? Just safe mode?

  1. Yes it will be in listening mode when there are no Wifi credentials

  2. You can clear wifi credentials

    • by place the device in Listening mode (press and hold SETUP until it blinks blue) then release, hold on SETUP again until it blinks blue rapidly

3.) To truly unclaim, you can unclaim it through the account used to claim it.

Otherwise, if the user is setting up the device via CLI/mobile, it will be prompted that the device is claimed under another account and asked whether they want to claim it under the new account. (which they shouldn’t even need to since they are a product user)

Oh that definitely helps.
So is it possible for the photon to try and connect without a claim code? What happens then? Does the server send an error? Or what if it has a expired/incorrect claim code? I was looking to see if there was an error code (flash of red lights for that), but I didn’t. How does that work?

The claim code is like a tag to check whether the account you are trying to add the Photon to is the original account where the Photon is already claimed.

I don’t think there will be an error code on the Photon since it’s all :cloud: related.

I’m a little confused then. The device is claimed through REST from the mobile device or CLI? What is the purpose of having the “tag” if nothing happens when they don’t match? When/how does the device actually get claimed or associated with an acocunt?