Blog goes live with new features and bug fixes!

Hey all - Spark now has a blog!

The blog launches today with a post announcing all of the new features and bug fixes implemented during Sprint 2 (December 9 to December 20). Check it out!

Sprint 3 begins December 30; in the meantime, we’ll be continuing to manage the community over the holidays, but please forgive us if we’re not quite as responsive this week.

Happy holidays everyone!

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December 30th?! Are you guys seriously going to take TEN DAYS off while there’s so much work to be done? How lazy can you be! What do you think this is, some kind of “Holiday” or something? So unprofessional. :wink:

Seriously though, enjoy, you guys really have earned it! Hope you all get to spend some much needed R&R time with your friends and families!

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Ya know, you guys CAN update us bit by bit now instead of the massive 10 page report with gobs of new features, hah. You guys really deserve a break, take some time to relax and have a wonderful Holiday!


Take your break. Let all your new users handle some stuff while we’re on our holiday breaks. Maybe we can build a big backlog of pull requests while you sip your egg nog and hang out under the mistletoe.


Yup, we’ll keep things under control around here. If you wanted to give us moderation privileges too, I wouldn’t complain. I’d rule with a rosin-core lead fist. :wink: