Block iOS Notifications?

I’ve just purchased my new Dev board and cant wait to get experimenting!

My first task is to investigate if it is possible to block out notifications with this board on iOS?
I would like to either completely block notifications out or override the text of the notification message

Any help is much appreciated!

P.S All my dev will be done in Swift

It’s not clear what notifications you’re talking about. Particle devices don’t send any notifications to your iOS device unless you use some third party service to send them. Please elaborate.


Hi Ric,

My plan is to develop an iOS app and use Particle to block any incoming notifications/phone calls from any App

This is possible as another competitor of mine has accomplished it with some hardware device


Hmm… Well, good luck to you then, because I have no idea how this is possible – it shouldn’t be, at least with a non-jailbroken iPhone. One app should not be able to interfere with the workings of another app, since they are each in their own sandbox. I’m sure that such an app, if it were possible, would break a bunch of Apple’s rules, so its not something that could be officially sanctioned (i.e. sold on the AppStore).

If you have look at these two products… They seem to be doing something to hide notifications

Ok, I checked out those apps. It looks like, at least with CellControl, that they are essentially using an external bluetooth device to simulate user key presses on an external keyboard. What exactly they’re doing with that is not clear. Maybe they can simulate the user turning off notifications in Settings. The other device, RiVE, may be doing a similar thing, but through the bottom lightning connector. By simulating user actions, this might be how they get around the limitations of sandboxed apps.

I’m sure that you could do something with a Photon that would simulate a keyboard, but how you would do that through the lightning connector, and what you would do with that “keyboard” are something you’d probably have more luck finding out about on some iOS forum, than here. I think there have been some posts on the forum about using the Photon as a keyboard, so you might search for that.