Blink example does't blink

I am getting started with a new Photon and started with the Blink Example. I flashed the example and message said flash was successful. However, the Blue Led is not flashing at an 8 second rate. When the code was first uploaded there was rapid flashing of the blue LED. After several seconds the blue LED stopped flashing and stayed on.
What needs to be done to get the Blink example to work.


Core or Photon?

They said photon in the post.

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Opps @AndyW thanks!

@hrh1818, I guess you are referring to the LED right beside pin D7? Can you try again and see what happens?

Yesterday I stumbled upon a Blink an LED example that didn’t blink. The version that didn’t blink was in a My Apps list. It appears the non blinking version was initially written for the Core, Today I found a Blink an LED that blinks in the Example Apps list. There were some minor differences between the two version. But nothing obvious that would keep one version from blinking.