BLE Central Mode


1.2 is out but I do not see the BLE support. Is this coming soon?


@doozMen, BLE is being tested right now. Not sure BLE Central will be supported in the first release.


I cannot believe this is almost happening. Really can’t wait !


Hi, I can see a Github tag named v1.2.0-test.2 and I can see BLE functions. I’m so interested on BLE advertising with Boron.

Can I test advertising with this tag?

And if the answer is yes,

How can I do it?

Thank you,

Manuel Montenegro


Looking forward to BLE. This is the last part that I need for my project.


This is really exciting. I’m assuming OTA updates using a BLE service advertised on a Particle mesh enabled device will not be possible, and rather the BLE central device (a smartphone in my case) will have to control the Particle device’s wifi connectivity/credentials/OTA update handlers?


Any updates?


Hold on… they are working

Argon - no 1.2.1-rc.2 in web ide

For anyone interested, you can clone the particle docs (, check out feature/ble and view the new ble docs on localhost. Wasn’t sure if this was obvious or available elsewhere!