BLE Central Mode


Also add me to the list of needing this feature.


Any updates?


Ditto…Redbear DUO is sun-setting and we need time to move over to Argon.


Hello. Did they answer you, and if so, what did they say about this?


The BLE API is actively being worked on but I haven’t heard of a targeted release date, probably because it hasn’t been nailed down yet. Mesh/connectivity stability is the Numbah One Thing, and I think that BLE is #2.


The API seems to be mostly implemented in the feature/ble/hal branch. I am wanting to test. Unfortunately, while and I can build and deploy the os to an Argon, I can’t seem to reference the API or use the examples provided. No doubt it’s a reference issue, but I can’t seem to figure it out. I can reference the objects/types/structures in the BLE library, but none of the functions defined in ble_hal.h.


As long the APIs are not exposed you need to build a monolithic firmware via Ctrl+Shift+B


Hi, Thanks,

Initially I was not sure what you were referencing here. I see that this is workbench now and I am giving it a try. I can compile and deploy locally with the released device OS’s, but how do I do it with development branches? I am new to VS Code.


How’s this going? I see the BLE branch isn’t that far ahead anymore.


We’are earnestly waiting for the BLE API too.


Saw this missed the latest RC build? What is the latest status?


BLE should be in 1.2.0-rc.1. That’s not as far out as it sounds, 1.2.0 contains stuff like BLE and NFC that weren’t quite ready and we didn’t want to hold up the release of 1.1.0.


Good to hear. Then I will continue building on particle and hope for 1.2 to be released soon!


1.2 is out but I do not see the BLE support. Is this coming soon?


@doozMen, BLE is being tested right now. Not sure BLE Central will be supported in the first release.


I cannot believe this is almost happening. Really can’t wait !


Hi, I can see a Github tag named v1.2.0-test.2 and I can see BLE functions. I’m so interested on BLE advertising with Boron.

Can I test advertising with this tag?

And if the answer is yes,

How can I do it?

Thank you,

Manuel Montenegro


Looking forward to BLE. This is the last part that I need for my project.


This is really exciting. I’m assuming OTA updates using a BLE service advertised on a Particle mesh enabled device will not be possible, and rather the BLE central device (a smartphone in my case) will have to control the Particle device’s wifi connectivity/credentials/OTA update handlers?


Any updates?