Bizarrely an event was just triggered and I have no idea why

Bit baffled to say the least.

Went next door to investigate a huge amount of banging from the lads renovating the house next door.

Came back and I was coming back in through the front door a bell that is linked to a particle publish event tinkled. This has never happened before (spurious and random tinkling of this bell).

Is there any way I can find out what prompted it to activate? There’s no history of publish events? It’s so odd…

Seeing as it happened while you were coming is, is there any way you could’ve triggered it?
What needs to happen in order to trigger the bell?

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Not a lot of info to go by with that sparse symptom and setup description.
It’s just marginally more than: “Something doesn’t work - why?”

We could pitch you all sorts of possible reasons, but you have the info to provide for us to make an educated guess.

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Hi @ScruffR, sorry, I wasn’t perhaps as clear as I could have been. I know you can’t possibly guess at the wiring or code at my place, I was more just double checking :-
a) You guys have never experienced spurious publish events
b) there is no history kept of historic publishes which would allow me to narrow down the source of the publish

P.S. Current favoured theory is the banging next door perhaps caused some electrical bouncing on the button connected to the publish code… (it was massive banging!)

Another would be that you are subscribing to public events and someone else chose the same even name as you.

Arrr…it’s just happened again. It’s happened only twice now that I know of, and this time definitely no banging going on next door and I wasn’t doing anything at all which could conceivably trigger a publish.

One theory: I have a Core in a room which is running code which would be capable of publishing an event which would trigger the bell, but there isn’t actually a physical button attached to the Core. The pin is nonetheless configured with the internal pullup activated. Here’s a concrete question: is that possibly causing my extremely occasional woe? i.e. a pin configured as internal pullup but with no physical button connected is ‘floating’? I would have thought that would behave itself…but I’m really wondering now.

Just checked and I’m definitely using the “MY_DEVICES” argument appended to my subscribe.

I might have to somehow log all publish events and tie them to particular devices to try to track down where this spurious publish is coming from.

Not normally, but if you have some longish wires attached, they could act as antenna strong enough to render the 40k internal pull-up too weak.

Or your primary device gets confused somehow and causes the trigger itself - either by the same reason as above or by some uncaught edge case in your code.