Best way to remove the battery connector on the Electron? (Resolved)

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I am working on an application that needs the headroom that is taken by the battery connector. I need to remove it, so the question is… Any SMD junkies out there that can give me a good tip to remove it without damage to the electron itself?


@frlobo, normally I would say use a hot air rework station to revome the connector but in my experience, it is very easy to melt the connector or affect adjacent components. The question I have for you is with so little clearance, how will be Electron stay cool?

Well, there is a little room. Its only about 2mm to remove, and also on the bottom there’s plenty of space… (See the pictures)

It is primarily for indoor use and in my testings heating has not been an issue. Do you think it can be?

I was planning on cutting the connector but seemed like a dirty thing to do :smile:

Bottom depicts the antenna and the battery compartment underneath. I am more worried about the antena touching the outter enclosure and being obstructed for power… I also don’t know if there is a side for the antena.

This is the enclosure:

@frlobo, I’ll take a look at my Electron tonight and give you my recommendations.

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@frlobo That battery connector would be pretty hard to get off using a hot air rework tool based on my experience with using the tool.

That connector is soldered down in 4 locations, the two pins coming out the back and on each side of the connector. The two pins on the back would be easy along with one of the side connectors, but the other end of the connector is approx 1 mm away from the USB jack which is probably not something you want to unsolder.

I use the Dremel tool with metal cutting disk a lot, and this looks like the perfect tool for this job of cutting down the connector vs. removing it.

This tool would allow you to cut the plastic & the two metal pins down quickly and easily. I typically cut 3/16" steel rod with ease using this tool so the plastic and metal pins will be quick and easy. You will probably still be able to insert the battery connector after you cut it down also.


@RWB, great idea!!! Shaving the connector down without desoldering it is a great approach. :+1:


Awesome! The man tool it is!



Great suggestion @RWB!

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