Best way to implement an outboard bright RGB LED


I would like to implement an RGB LED like the one that’s onboard the Photon, but I want this to be outside the project enclosure, and I will love to control it like I do the photon LED right now manually.

Any recommendations?

Look at for the 3 x RBG control pins exposed as pads on the bottom layer

Use the 3 pins for the PWM/analog (not sure which) signal.

I have been thinking about making this for an educational display for a scaled-up photon model. :wink:

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Alternatively, there is a RGB.onChange() function that will call your own handler each time the LED is updated. This allows you to then set external PWM signals to match the RGB values given.

The RGB values echo exactly the color that is shown on the onboard LED, whether that’s set by the system or the user.


Outstanding recommendations.

Thank you very much!

This is an incredible community!

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