Battery shield interrupts connection?

I am new using the particle photon and I got the battery shield with a little lion battery I want to connect with the IMU shield to fly with a drone (long story, but it’s gotto be light weight)
however, whenever I connect the battery shield to the particle, the connection gets lost (the light starts to breath green) Whenever i take the battery shield off, I don’t have this problem.

This happens whenever I only connect the battery shield on the particle as well as when it’s connected to the USB cable. I find it hard to google so I hope anyone can help.

Greetings, Ri

@Rii, which battery shield are you referring to?

Do you mean that The Photon goes flashing green when you connect USB only to it OR you put the Photon in the battery shield?

This battery shield

This IMU shield

The photon starts breathing green once its on the battery. on USB it works fine.

Problem is solved. Very basic issue. The tips were touching on the other side of the board somehow, was still covered in the foam so I didn’t notice. Am embarrassed of this issue. Thank you, this topic can be closed.

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