Battery connected... but not being recognized

I have a 5V boost regulator (TPS61030 - 5V/2A output) circuit connected to the Li+ of the Electron. All functions normal under light current loads. When I pull more than 100mA from the 5V regulator, the Electron battery appears to become electronically disconnected.

How can the battery - if plugged into the JST connector - no longer be functioning?

Observations (Malfunctioning State):

  • PMIC responds to all I2C commands (no faults)
  • Fuel gauge (0.15V and 0% state of charge)
  • Battery is charged :slight_smile:
  • Multiple batteries were tested (none are recognized)
  • No parts are getting hot
  • Reproducible on two Electrons
  • I can’t see on the schematics how a direct connection from BAT to Li+ could be broken?!?

Symptoms (Malfunctioning state):

  • USB disconnected - Battery connected:
    - no voltage on Li+
    - Electron not running (no LED or anything)

  • USB connected - Battery connected:
    - all internal Electron functions are normal (5V regulator not working of course)
    - PMIC has no fault status
    - PMIC charging status LED on (not blinking)
    - PMIC charging status LED stays on (not blinking), even when battery removed

Checked the circuit - TSP61030 5V regulator chip was dead. Replaced with a new TSP61030 = all functions back to normal operating conditions.


The goal is to provide 3.3V (from Electron) and 5V outputs (from 5V boost regulator) from the LiPo battery.

Is it safe to use a 5V boost regulator circuit connected to the Li+ pin?